Paths of Magic

by Ascension Games, LLC

Ascension Games, LLC



Tags: Archetypes Classes Fantasy Feats Horror Magic Magic Items Pathfinder 1e Skills Spells

Paths of Magic

What path will you walk?

Discover your true potential with Paths of Magic, the final book of the “Path” series for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game by Ascension Games! Inside you’ll find a massive library of options for your favorite base and core classes, exploring the concepts of shadows, artifice, and nature through new classes, feats, magic items and more!

Paths of Magic has several features, including:

  • Nine new base classes: the eldritch cabalist, the cunning saboteur, the spirit-calling invoker, the stealthy nightblade, the protective warden, and more.
  • Dozens of new options and archetypes for your favorite classes, such as the metallurgist alchemist, animist barbarian, and the shadow priest cleric.
  • Nearly 150 new feats to support all kinds of play styles from spellcasters to close-range combat, including metamagic feats, combat feats, and new “technique” feats that grant specialized combat options.
  • Over 250 new spells for practically every magic user. Take on armies with conjure siege weapon, or create an explosion of verdant life with the wild growth spell. Trap your foes within the empty void prison and wither them away with deadly eclipse.
  • The rune magic system, where every spell serves to empower the next, complete with nearly 200 “runic scripts”, feats, magic items, and archetypes.
  • New magic weapons, armor, wondrous items, and more. Shatter foes’ defenses with the hand of the monolith or hide in the shadows with the silhouette.

Paths of Magic is a full-color product (in both electronic and print formats), 476 pages in length including cover pages, designed and written by Christopher Moore of Ascension Games, LLC.