Starjammer: Fate of the Stars - Stella Castra (Starfinder)

by Publishing Publishing



Tags: Mecha Mechs Ships Space Space Stations Starfinder Starfinder Compatible Starfinder RPG

Starjammer: Fate of the Stars - Stella Castra (Starfinder)

This product adds new mech rules as well as many character and player options for your Starfinder game.

"The stars beckon. They call to us and ask us questions, the foremost of which is “What else is out there?”. Castles in the Sky, Bastions in the Stars. You know… the important stuff." 

This product peeks into what life is like living out among the stars. It adds rules for constructing space stations, presents new archetypes for characters, and gives an introduction to the world of magi-technological “mecha” golem-like artifacts that can be used like suits of enhanced armor to protect, or to wage devastating war with.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Bastions in the Black
  • Superstructures
  • Station Access
  • Critical Flaws
  • Station Complexes
  • Character Options
  • Class Archetypes
  • Racial Archetypes
  • Traps
  • Equipment and Gear
  • Strifestalkers