The Gates of the Shadowmage

by The Eldritch Press

The Eldritch Press



Tags: 5th Edition Adventure (Mid-Level) Fantasy Magic Items Maps/Battlemaps Monsters/Enemies Spells

The Gates of the Shadowmage

Within a long forgotten stronghold buried deep beneath the earth, vast wealth and secret knowledge lie hidden, awaiting brave adventurers to lay claim to them. Powerful forces are at work in the fortress, presenting both opportunity and danger to intrepid tomb raiders.

The Gates of the Shadowmage is an adventure that takes place in an ancient warlock stronghold called Shadowhaunt, abandoned since its owner was defeated a century ago. The adventure offers players many opportunities and rewards, but may also put them in precarious moral dilemmas as they are dropped into the middle of a long-simmering war between two evil forces. Whatever path they take, at the end of the adventure they could find themselves with the use of a complex that contains doorways into other planes of existence, allowing for endless adventures in the future. This adventure is designed for four to five characters of 5th or 6th level, but can be adjusted to work with groups of various sizes. It can easily be dropped into any campaign world. This 48 page adventure includes:

  • 20 original images and detailed maps
  • 9 new spells: dark touch, eldritch sacrifice, frightful steed, mind fog, obscure realignment, patron’s embrace, shadefire, shadow claw, and Tem’s proscribed prose.
  • 7 new monsters: hangman creeper, bound horned devil, living flame, mirror shadow, shadow mephit, shadow tendril, and umbral flesh golem.
  • 5 new magic items: liar’s ring, satyr’s flute, stone of sealing, valiant, and whip of torment

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