Description Cards - Storytellers Deck - LABYRINTH Excerpt

by Conflict Games LLC

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Description Cards - Storytellers Deck - LABYRINTH Excerpt

Need help describing labyrinths?

The difficulty with an underground setting such as a dungeon, is after a short while the rooms and halls begin to sound similar. This is normally because it is hard to come up with fresh distinguishable features for every room and hallway. Coming to the rescue, are the Description Cards: Environments: The Labyrinth. In these cards you will find dozens of examples which describe noteworthy moments, marks and clues in the underground, dungeons or labyrinths.

This storytelling tool:

  • ...offers writing tips to add depth and drama to any of your underground settings.
  • for Tabletop Gamers and Gamemasters who wish to keep they rooms fresh or give a specific room a special identifying feature which the players will remember.
  • ...can tip your essay, blog, novel or gaming table from good to great!
  • ...allows you to flip through the cards at random to inspire new plot twists and dungeon features.
  • written for any genre.
  • system neutral and super flexible.
  • both a reference and a brainstorming tool.
  • ...offers fresh ways to describe labyrinths and underground settings, such as a dungeons.
  • ...includes a collage of beautiful card art from Rafael Dorsz

Conflict Games PDFs all contain the following features:

  1. Indexed: PDF contains a full Index for the entire suite of cards.
  2. Searchable: PDF is not just images of the cards, but contains fully searchable text
  3. Selectable: Each Action word and Description can be selected, highlighted or copied out of the PDF.
  4. High Resolution: Our PDFs are always print-resolution.
  5. Layered PDF: There are some decorative items within the presentation of the cards which you can choose not to print by un-selecting the adobe layer.
  6. Cut-lines: The PDF is designed for you to cut out the cards from your printed 8 1/2 x 11 sheet. Therefore we provide cut-lines to help you line up your scissors or cutting board.


Blank Cards: The background images of all the cards are provided with the PDF. This allows you to print out blank cards and fill in your own Action Words, Descriptions or Notes.

Try these cards, we think you are going to love them!