Affordable Arcana - Wondrous Items

by Publishing Publishing



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Affordable Arcana - Wondrous Items

The design requirements for this Pathfinder Roleplaying Game product were “Create wondrous items costing under 1,000 gp.” and Jeremy Clements really came through on this one, providing us with many exciting new possibilities.

This book includes the following new, AFFORDABLE wondrous items!

  • Amber of Animation
  • Anvilskin Cloak
  • Banner Pole of Intercepted Communications
  • Cap of Biting Charm
  • Cape of Charming Chords
  • Carapace Belt
  • Caustic Egg
  • Chain of Silent Communication
  • Click-Bang
  • Cloak of Fallen Leaves
  • Corpse Tea
  • Denial Gauntlet
  • Egg of Scales
  • Feather Token, Falcon.
  • Feather Token, Marbles
  • Feather Token, Pit of Feathers
  • Friendly Hitchhiker
  • Funeral Mask of the Stone Master
  • Gods-Curse Coin
  • Gravedigger’s Spade
  • Imp Stick
  • Impressive Boots
  • Ioun Stone, Chaos
  • Ioun Stone, White Noise
  • Kobold Moccasins
  • Master Paste
  • Necklace of Entanglement
  • Necromancer’s Spike
  • Street Talker
  • Trapper Tiles
  • Tuning Fork, Shiv
  • Vigor Candy
  • Whiskey Stone, Chiller
  • Whiskey Stone, Cooler

Plus a new bard archetype:

  • Arcane Virtuoso (Bard Archetype): "Pushing boundaries of the metaphysical and magical, an arcane virtuoso eschews musical performance for magical versatility and an obvious passion for the supernatural in all things."