Starjammer: Races of the Void III - Vodeim

by Publishing Publishing



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Starjammer: Races of the Void III - Vodeim

Races of the Void: Vodeim expands upon the spice world of Eimharn and its indigenous people. Prepare to meet the amphibious vodeim race, the deity of self-sufficiency Camdar the Capable, and the bloodthirsty stickweed camouflaged amongst the marsh grasses.

Also included are archetypes, domains, and sorcerer bloodlines with ties to many distant planes.

The vodeim are an exciting new race for your Starjammer adventure game. Vodeims are natives of Eimharn, hatched in the varied bodies of water that sprawl across the planet. Once hatched, vodeims spend their first five years of life developing their swimming skills while exploring and foraging in the water. After five year’s time, a vodeim’s lungs reach full maturation, granting the vodeim an expanded habitat that includes terrestrial terrain as well.

Ready to play in your Starjammer science fiction fantasy game (Pathfinder based) or quickly adaptable to your Starfinder adventures, the vodeim offer interesting options as player characters:

  • Use your Protective Pigmentation to adapt to your surroundings and avoid detection.
  • Explore below and above the waves with your ability to swim and breathe both air and water with Dual Habitat.
  • Use your Cartilaginous Skeleton to maneuver out of tight spots with ease.
  • Expand your character options with the Chronicler cleric archetype, Master of the Balanced Palm monk archetype, Prowler ninja archetype, Spirit of the Land hunter archetype, and the Waymaker and Muscle of Israfel inquisitor archetypes.