Class Expansions: 30 Alchemist Discoveries

by Interjection Games

Interjection Games



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Class Expansions: 30 Alchemist Discoveries

Sometimes, all you need to have fun with a class for another few months is a few new ideas to tinker around with. Class Expansions is a series of lightweight supplements for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game that takes a base class and offers alternative class features that, handily enough, each fit on one page or less.

Following in this vein, Class Expansions: Alchemist Discoveries introduces 30 new alchemist discoveries, including a series of new mutually-exclusive mutagen discoveries that follow the same design rules as some rogue sneak attack talents or alchemist bomb discoveries.

  • Alchemist's Brew - Gain the Witch's Brew hex.
  • Belching Mutagen - Drink and burp up bombs.
  • Catalytic Mutagen - Mutagen grants no ability score increases, but supercharges splash weapon damage.
  • Chemical Burns - Gain resistance to acid and fire.
  • Combinatorial Chemistry - Mix together splash weapons.
  • DMSO Delivery - Potions you make are splash weapons.
  • Fearless Mutagen - Mutagen grants reduced ability score increases, but grants immunity to fear and a bonus to saving throws against mind-affecting abilities.
  • Flametongue Mutagen - Your spit is alchemist's fire, and can be bottled.
  • Greater Mixology - As mixology, but 2nd-level potions.
  • Greater Titer Bomb - When using titer bomb, you can make Craft(alchemy) checks rather than Knowledge checks.
  • Laughing Bomb - As smoke bomb, but euphoric cloud.
  • Living Bomb - Bomb rears up and performs a combat maneuver on a direct hit.
  • Maximize Potion - Effects of imbibed potion are maximized 1/2 Int mod times per day.
  • Mixology - Mix together splash weapons and potions. Those damaged by the splash weapon are affected by the potion.
  • Muscle Memory - You can craft certain alchemical items in your sleep.
  • Powder Primer Bomb - Bomb jams firearms on a direct hit.
  • Rapid Scavenger - As universal parts, but a full-round action that heals an additional +2d4 hit points.
  • Riot Bomb - Bomb deals nonlethal damage and staggers on a direct hit.
  • Scatter Bomb - A bomb can be split in half and thrown twice for half damage.
  • Smell of Chemicals in the Morning - Gain Fire God's Blessing as a bonus feat.
  • Smell of Failure - When you take fire or acid damage, gain 5 temporary hit points. Immune to alchemical splash weapons while with temporary hit points.
  • Smell of Victory - Fire God's Blessing now triggers from acid damage and can trigger up to three times per round.
  • Spined Mutagen - Unarmed and natural weapons deal +1d6 damage on the charge. Grapplers take 1d6 damage.
  • Thick Smoke Bomb - As smoke bomb, but web cloud.
  • Titan Mutagen - Mutagen does not grant a natural armor bonus to AC, but grants that much DR/- instead.
  • Titer Bomb - Bomb eases the identification of those damaged by it.
  • Titrating Transmutation - Splash weapon deals the more effective of two energy types.
  • Transient Transmutation - Splash weapon deals your choice of energy damage.
  • Universal Parts - You may heal yourself with the scraps of a fallen construct.
  • Wide Bomb - Bomb cannot make a direct hit, but has an increased radius.