The Tomb of Rakoss the Undying (Illustration Book)

by Fire Born Games

Fire Born Games



Tags: Adventure (Low-Level) Fantasy GM Tools Labyrinth Lord/OSRIC Old School/OSR Player Aids

The Tomb of Rakoss the Undying (Illustration Book)

This illustration booklet is specially designed for use with A FORGOTTEN EVIL. It contains 8 illustrations showing various features of the locales, and should be used by Dungeon Masters to show appropriate views to the players while they adventure. Each illustration within this booklet carries a number which corresponds to rooms and locations on the master maps (note that not all locations are shown). The illustration on the cover of this booklet carries a number and should only be shown to characters in its proper sequence. The DM can place his finger or thumb over the number appearing on each picture to avoid giving any clues as to room number or location to the viewing players.