Breath of Life: The Vanguard (5e)

by Orphaned Bookworm Productions

Orphaned Bookworm Productions



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Breath of Life: The Vanguard (5e)

Breath of Life: The Vanguard is our first product both in the Breath of Life product line and as a third party publisher. It harkens back to a knightly class of the 3.5 edition of a very popular table-top roleplaying system, though it is not a copy-paste update. No, this is a reimagining of the class using new mechanics and systems to make it more dynamic and more powerful in comparison to other non-magic classes available in 5th edition. To go with the 1-20 class you will get 8 archetype subclasses to diversify how your vanguard operates like the horse-riding Courser or the dueling master, the Swordmaster. You will also get class options for existing classes like the Way ofthe Iron Skin for the monk or the Oath ofthe Defender for the paladin. In addition to class and archetype options, you will get new weapons to crush your foes, feats to further enhance your character and an example NPC using the class you can use as a guide or as an NPC to interact with your players. These options are guaranteed to bring some tactical combat to your table-top battlefield.