Corruption - Monsters

by Thistle Games

Thistle Games



Tags: Fantasy Old School/OSR

Corruption - Monsters

Corruption is a tabletop roleplaying game (RPG) and clone of the Original Game by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson.

Corruption focuses on offering challenge-based gameplay and step-by-step support for adventure- and campaign-building. The Monsters title is packed full of familiar, unfamiliar and frequently deadly creatures for stocking your adventures and campaigns.

The game offers a wide range of options for rapidly shaping gameplay to offer gritty and/ or grimy adventures - with a certain amount of comic book 'dark' flavor.

Corruption packs in lots of imaginative content that can be plugged straight into almost any tabletop fantasy RPG. Along those lines, the system includes stacks of threatening races, ferocious monsters and heroic character classes to slot directly into Old School/ OSR systems.

As part of that the game translates quickly and easily between many familiar fantasy roleplaying game (RPG) systems. The rules are kept straightforward throughout and make the game very quick to learn, while full of options.

Version 2 uses fresh colour images and slots in new gameplay options. That includes extra classes, additional monsters and expanded worldbuilding.

Corruption now acts as a set of OSR resource booklets, so if you’re not looking for a system you can just grab the monsters or the campaign building. Everything plugs straight into most other Old School systems.


The following list of features outlines some of the options and content we've included in Corruption - without treading on the toes of the Original Rules!


  • Optional rules encourage gritty and grimy gameplay using heroic characters.
  • Optional Old School-friendly skills system.
  • Challenge-focused gameplay.
  • Classic and challenge-based experience (XP) options.


  • Highly compatible with Old School/ OSR games.
  • Content drawn from across the full range of System Reference Documents (SRDs).
  • Easy switching between Original Game compatibility and Corruption.


  • A dusting of new tricks for older classes, such as Assassins, Bards and Monks.
  • New classes, monsters, spells and items, including a selection of monster classes.


  • Support for rapid adventure- and campaign-building.
  • Guidelines on priming and sharing expectations during play.
  • Guidelines on adding a twist of evil to any game.


  • A combination of print and tablet-friendly PDF layout.
  • Word/ OpenOffice class templates and quick start PC sheets are available to download from Thistle Games' website.