Old School Monster Classes

by Quasar Knight Enterprises

Quasar Knight Enterprises



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Old School Monster Classes

14 New Monstrous Races for your Labyrinth Lord and OSR-compatible games!

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at a more exotic option than dwarf or halfling? Have you ever gotten your wish to play as a monster, only for their society to be lacking interesting cultural details beyond the familiar 'kill or be killed' write-up? Have you ever worried that a monstrous PC would end up overshadowing the other players with abilities far too powerful for standard adventuring parties?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Old School Monster Classes is the answer to your prayers! Included within this book are 14 new classes based off of popular and iconic figures.

  • Play as a Giant, a mighty descendant of a fallen empire!
  • Be a Medusa, a transformed humanoid whose gaze can cause deadly petrification or great insight in onlookers!
  • Try your hand as a Naga, a spirit guardian of ley lines and extraplanar prisons
  • Take the role of a Vampire, a powerful yet cursed undead being with peerless predatory abilities

And much, much more!

You've GMed them, you fought them, now it's time to play as them! Grab Old School Monster Classes if you want fun, versatile options your gaming group is sure to enjoy!