Secrets #2: Strange Races

by Darkwater Press

Darkwater Press



Tags: classes fantasy GM Tools Old School Races Swords & Wizardry

Secrets #2: Strange Races

Secrets #2: Strange Races is a 28-page fanzine from the Secrets of the Shadowend blog. Strange Races includes:

  • 25 races for the Swords & Wizardry rules, and other OSR games
  • Racial class information
  • A random culture generator table
  • Snippets of lore from the Feathered Realm campaign setting
  • An overview of the elves of the Shadowend

Strange Races features a number of new races, among them the pseudo-human khon, the snobbish avia, and the noble sekhm. It also features lesser-known races like dakon, mites, mongrelfolk, and ubue. Half-orcs and gnomes are nothing new; it's time to check out some really Strange Races!

Secrets is covered under the Open Game License, and 100% Open Game Content.