Fifth Edition Feats

by Total Party Kill Games

Total Party Kill Games



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Fifth Edition Feats

Fifth Edition Feats

This sourcebook is packed with over 150 feats to add to your 5th Edition games for the "World's Most Popular Roleplaying Game." With only a small handful of feats in the core game, this product greatly enhances the amount of core feats available, allowing you a greater depth for your characters and perhaps even adversaries... The emphasis is on fun though, and these feats will ensure you have a lot more to choose from.

This product is hyperlinked to the excellent 5eSRD web resource and thoroughly bookmarked.

Contained within:

  • Tons of missing core feats
  • Feats to address missing class features
  • New healing feats to allow other classes minor healing abilities
  • Slayer feats which improve your prowess against certain foes
  • Divine Channeling Feats
  • Metamagic Feats
  • A New Condition
  • and much more!

This title will be available in full-color print soon!