Blood & Steel, Book 2 - The Ninja

by Publishing Publishing



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Blood & Steel, Book 2 - The Ninja

Blood & Steel, Book 2: The Ninja is the second in a series of Pathfinder products focusing on martial combat oriented classes and this one specifically focuses on the NINJA.

"The darkness covers our movements, our tracks. In the dead of the night we strike, silent as shadows. And then we we vanish, leaving no trace of our existence beyond the lifeless corpses of our enemies."

This book introduces tons of new options for ninja including:

  • 12 New Archetypes: Augmented Ninja, Bakguai, Blood Shinobi, Chao Renzhe, Kayakujutsu Ninja, Mystic Ninja, Roof Stalker, Salikotosai, Sentinel, Shadow Savant, Shuriken Ace, Sidhenobi, Speed Demon
  • 12 New Feats: Double Breathing Technique, Kaleidoscope Style, Kaleidoscope Flurry, Kaleidoscope Storm, Kirigakure Jutsu Style, Kigakuruujutsu Decapitation, Kigakuruujutsu Massacre, Quick Reconfigure, Salikotai, Vanishing Style, Vanishing Strike, Vanishing Shadow
  • 1 New Weapon: Kusari
  • 4 New pieces of Equipment: Combat Tabi, Ki-Clouding Bomb, Mesubushi, Star Hurler
  • 1 New Vehicle: Ninja Kite
  • 1 New Magic Weapon: Kusarikami
  • 6 New Wondrous Items: Hands of Concussive Hurling, Juhakkei Scroll, Ki-Punctuing Gloves, Spacious Sugegasa, Sterkeeper's Harness