Monster Focus: Gravelings

by Minotaur Games

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Monster Focus: Gravelings

Get Familiar with the Undead!

Bats, cats, and rats, these are the familiars of lesser wizards, but for the necromancer only the undead will do. Carefully made from scraps of flesh and bits of bone, the graveling is the perfect servant for a master of the blackest of magics. Monster Focus: Gravelings gives the busy GM and necromantic player everything they need to add this skulking undead to their game, either as foul foe or unsettling friend!

Inside, you'll find a options for player characters seeking to animate gravelings of their own, such as the Graveling Familiar feat, which allows even a 1st level necromancer to create one of these minions. In addition, there are a number of new rules for the Game Master to use in their game, such as the graveling brood spell, which summons a small horde of the dead things to menace a necromancer's foes. In total, this PDF contains:

  • 2 New Feats
  • 2 New Alchemical Items
  • 2 New Spells
  • 2 New Magic Items
  • The Graveling stat block
  • 2 Adventure Hooks

And best of all, this pdf is FREE!

As a special thanks to all those who have supported Minotaur Games, this short pdf is being offered for free, showcasing all of the great material you will find in every Minotaur Games product. If you enjoyed Monster Focus: Gravelings, be sure to pick up the other pdfs in the Monster Focus line. Each one contains well over twice the content, including numerous variants, traps, hazards, feats, spells, magic items, and much, much, more!

Monster Focus is a series of short, easy to integrate PDFs, designed to make one classic monster the central theme for an adventure or even a small campaign. Each PDF in the series includes options for player characters and game masters, including new feats, spells, magic items, and more! Written by veteran game designer, Jason Bulmahn, you can be sure that these rules will fit seamlessly into your game.