Four Horsemen Present: Character Options: Gods in the Void

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



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Four Horsemen Present: Character Options: Gods in the Void

Four Horsemen Present: Character Options: Gods in the Void

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In conjunction with and Rogue Genius Games the Four Horsemen bring your more sci-fi themed character options!

Powerful gods exist in the void—ancient and recondite deities challenging the assumptions of the wisest mortals. Some of these elder powers crush reality by coming too near the mortal reckoning of time and space.

These vast entities can change entire worlds merely by planning to visit in coming eons. Other gods build entire galaxies like master artisans, hanging the stars and painting nebulae for unfathomable purposes. Azathoth. Azdan. Nyarlathotep. Shamash. The Elder Gods of Space fill a diverse portfolio. Alien. Creative. Cruel. Passive. Those followers who gain power from devotion to the black reaches may never know their aloof masters, but they see their influence all around them.

The cult defector (rogue) has learned enough to know she must keep some secrets hidden.

The envoy (spiritualist) plays host to something older than a mere phantom.

The reckless hero (gunslinger) depends on firepower and luck to avoid being overwhelmed by fell knowledge.

The nihilist (oracle) has realized the insignificance of all mortal life.

The visitor (druid) is not of this world. Even armed with feats and spells tuned to the vast void, such characters are but specs compared to the ancient forces of the Gods in the Void.

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