Four Horsemen Present: Monsters Under the Bed

by Rogue Genius Games

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Four Horsemen Present: Monsters Under the Bed

Four Horsemen Present: Monsters Under the Bed

Wanting a Glass of Water is the Least of Your Problems!

In conjunction with and Rogue Genius Games the Four Horsemen bring you horrifying new options!

Running games for children is often more difficult than it sounds, but can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Unfortunately, the vast majority of monsters available for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game are terrifying foes for adults, and few responsible parents would set a mohrg or succubus against players under the age of eight. Beyond that, the base game assumes a foe is generally defeated through battle, which isn’t always the best lesson for impressionable young minds.

Monsters Under the Bed is here to help! The Four Horsemen believe RPGs should be enjoyed by gamers of all ages, so we’ve both put together templates to make any existing monsters more child-friendly (from potentially adorable Baby Monsters to the cowardly or thorn-in-it’s paw Weakened monster), and specific creatures (closet creature, candy golem, boogren gremlin, haunted house, and white hag).

We also provide plot hooks for each template and monster, to help spark ideas for family-friendly adventures!

So get ready for all-ages adventure. There IS something under your bed!

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