Week 09: Master Class: Tinkerer (5e)

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



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Week 09: Master Class: Tinkerer (5e)

If You Build It...

Sure, artificers can make a few amazing things, and clerics and wizards have learned to imbue armor and weapons with magic effects, but neither of them focuses on seeing what you can do with everything from a bag or marbles to a vat of acid. For that, you need a tinkerer. Unsurpassed as crafting, modifying, and blending different techniques to produce fantastic results, the artificer is the undisputed champion of creating things while under fire in the field. Whether focused on the potion-like extracts, servant constructs, or augmented weapons and armor, tinkerers can build their way out of any problem.

It's A Killer Craft