Monster Menagerie: Griffmeras

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



Tags: Fantasy Horror Monsters/Enemies Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

Monster Menagerie: Griffmeras

So, here’s what happened...

Our publisher, Owen K.C. Stephens (maybe in a fevered state?) began posting two-sentence descriptions of “griffmeras” on his social media. These griffon/chimera-like creatures borrowed from different animals, myths, and languages to hint at creatures similar to those of iconic mythology, but also totally new.

And it could have stopped there.

But then, Jacob Blackmon began working on art for his favorite examples, as well as 5e rules for the beasts. And then Margherita Tramontano came along and did a conversion for Pathfinder, and expanded on the ecology of each.

And so here we are.

So whether it’s the crocodilian gem-eyed serpets known as ahemset, the cunning and cruel lykopars with their caustic blood, or the man-faced wolves who can hear their names spoke within 100 miles called ulvargs, you can surprise players and write new legends with these twelve terrifying griffmeras!