Super Powered Legends: Challenger Kids

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



Tags: Future GM Tools Modern Monsters/Enemies Mutants & Masterminds Premier Sci-Fi Super-Hero

Super Powered Legends: Challenger Kids

Ready for another Challenge?

Elijah Challenger, and Zabrina d’Arc turn out to be siblings from different dimensions, but aside from that, they’re just trying to figure out where they belong, just like every other super powered teenager … right?

  • Kid Challenger (PL 10/13) – Telekinetic, telepathic
  • Dame d’Arc (PL 10) – Kinetic manipulation, flight
  • Super Powered Legends. Because sometimes you a need a character everyone recognizes, even when meeting them for the first time.

Designed and Illustrated by Jacob Blackmon, Super Powered by M&M!