Week 13: 101 Minor Daily Annoyances SF

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



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Week 13: 101 Minor Daily Annoyances SF

It Isn’t Always the Apocalypse

Yes, sometimes being an adventurer is about saving worlds, defying gods, and risking your life for wealth, power, pride, or duty.

But sometimes? Sometimes you just want to get through one day without sneezing. Dang flu.

So this is the list for when the GM just wants to introduce those minor daily annoyances. Sure, under exactly the wrong conditions sneezing could blow your over when trying to sneak past the guards... but that’s life, right?

Mostly, you’ll just need to take a moment to remember the name that escaped you, treat the bug bite, get that song out of your head, and turn your collar up against a colder-than-predicted rain.

A Hero’s Life Is Not Exclusively Heroic