Week 08: Magic Mishap Items (SF)

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



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Week 08: Magic Mishap Items (SF)

When the Artificer Says Oops, It’s Already Too Late!

Not every magic item is the pride and joy of the artificer who crafted it. You are, after all, dealing with magic. Even the most carefully constructed arcane assembly line gets the occasional oddity in its production line. There’s a word for a process that gives you exactly the same result when you attempt exactly the same procedure, but magic ain’t it.

Some quirky magic items are so ubiquitous they’re considered classics—there’s nothing about cleaning supplies that conceptually lends itself to mystic movement options, but a broom of flying is seen as a perfectly normal eldritch transport. Take that same logic to offer a character a mop of teleportation and they’ll look at your funny.

Which is the whole point of this product.

From advice on what causes mishaps, through mishap modifiers you can add to any magic item for a bit of side-effect, to examples of the truly off-the-wall that don’t do anything you’d expect but can still be useful sometimes, Mishap Magic Items is the book of things that have gone wrong, but you may still want to keep around.

Welcome to the Mishap Magic Market