The World Of Nommu (Starfinder RPG)

by Straight Path Games

Straight Path Games



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The World Of Nommu (Starfinder RPG)

Nommu, second planet in the G’non System, is a fluke of the universe. Rich in metal, mild in climate, and with an abundance of liquid water, all kinds of life has flourished. And due to the low oxygen in its atmosphere, the sorts of life that evolved were mostly quite small. Even the nomi, the world’s only sentient race, are only a few feet tall.

Thanks to their utopian world, the nomi are a carefree and optimistic people. Even in their early history they focused more on art, music and leisure than on building cities or roads. Even Nommu’s most modern cities exist only through the effort of a limited few ‘planners’ who devote their lives to maintaining them.

These cities are beautiful, sprawling affairs, with art, music and innovation at every corner. But behind the beauty, the simple things are inconsistent where they aren’t entirely lacking. Access to clean water, reliable power, paved roads and even healthy food varies widely from street to street, and even more from city to city. One city might boast the most modern technology, while its neighbors struggle with century- old tech.

Welcome to Nommu, home of the Nomi. This PDF - which is in landscape only for convienent reading on your tablets or computer - features an expansive look at the world of Nommu. It includes:

  1. maps of the world of Nommu, and the G'Non system where it exists
  2. A look at the culture, history and nature of the nomu race, introduced in Orbi: City-Station
  3. The G'Non system, and the three worlds that exist within
  4. A pantheon of eight colorful deities
  5. Three new monsters compatible with the Starfinder Roleplaying Game: the Hearthforged Robot, the Soldier of Ideals, and the Buzzbird
  6. Treeborgs, a new type of computer and expansion bay for starships
  7. A reprint of the Nomi race, PLUS five new nomi variants