Latin American Monsters (5E) FREE Preview

by Legendary Games

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Latin American Monsters (5E) FREE Preview

Welcome to the Latin American Monsters Preview PDF!

This PDF is a sneak peek at the spectacular Latin American Monsters softcover bestiary for D&D 5th Edition launching August 17 on Kickstarter, along with the companion campaign setting book Boricubos: The Lost Isles. This 100+ page monster book features over 80 incredible creatures drawn from the myths and legends of Central and South America and the Caribbean, with stretch goals planned to push that number over 120! Researched and developed with a diverse team of nearly 20 Latinx authors, artists, and cultural consultants, you'll find an awesome array of enemies and allies from the folklore of Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Cuba, and more, beautifully illustrated and ready to unleash in your DnD 5E campaign. Plus, this campaign will also offer alternate versions of the bestiary for both Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and Pathfinder Second Edition!

From minor menaces like the alux and colocolo to gargantuan river and sea monsters like the boiuna and lusca, restless dead like the huecuva and llorona, fey curupira and madremonte, an entire family of celestial couatls, fiendish abuhuku, bloodthirsty munuane and werejaguar nahuals, and so many more, you'll find killer creatures to challenge any hero! Plus, you'll find add-on adventures, bundle offers, and VTT support!

Best of all, this book is already in layout, with two versions of the companion campaign setting Boricubos: The Lost Isles already complete! No waiting for months or years to get your stuff. By the time the project ends on September 16, layout should be complete, and even if we end up having late stretch goals we'll have beta versions PDFs ready to go out immediately! Softcover books go out as soon as they're printed and shipped to us.

If you're looking for amazing monsters, check out Mythos Monsters, Asian Monsters, and Sea Monsters 5E bestiaries, combining for nearly 5,000 backers, and this monster book is going to be even bigger and better!