Tides of War: Bard/X Feats

by Flying Pincushion Games

Flying Pincushion Games



Tags: Fantasy Feats Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

Tides of War: Bard/X Feats

Bards are known the world over as jacks of all trades, but sometimes on those rare occations where your whit and charm won't do, the situation calls for expanded talents. Be it agreesive sword based diplomacy, spectacular spell barrages, or some other tick, a great bard knows you always barrow from other artists. That is how art is made and how you ensure you live to hoist another pint over tall tales (yours of course) after the adventure is done.

Tides of War: Bard/x Feats is a series of feats that will allow your bard PC to blend more seamlessly with a variety of other classes.