Cultures of Celmae: Udaeus

by Wayward Rogues Publishing

Wayward Rogues Publishing



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Cultures of Celmae: Udaeus

The mighty udaeoi of Cythea consider themselves the first-men, created by the god Saint Thero from the teeth of the fearsome World Dragon, and then given the divine decree to rule the world. They are the perfect warriors, they are the udaeus.

Contained Herein:

  • A detailed history of the udaeus on Celmae and their creation by Saint Thero.
  • The Udaeus player race with favored class options.
  • Feats, a Fighting Style, and Spells to complement Udaeus characters.
  • The Udaeus Paragon Racial Class-a complete 1-20 class for players who wish to fully explore the possibilities of this Mythic race!

By Robert Gresham