Advanced Options - Domains of the Divine

by Necromancers of the Northwest

Necromancers of the Northwest



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Advanced Options - Domains of the Divine

The Gods Work In Mysterious Ways!

Now on its fifth edition, the world’s oldest roleplaying game presents a number of exciting options to allow players to customize their characters. It seems like just about every class in the game gives players a major choice that can heavily alter the way their character operates, such as a barbarian’s primal path, a paladin’s oath, or a warlock’s pact. While the core rules give every class a handful of these options to choose from, and additional supplements from Wizards of the Coast have provided a few more here and there, there’s no doubt that there’s plenty of room for more of these options to provide you with exciting new approaches to each class, which can give you a some new tricks, allow you to represent flavorful ideas and concepts that had no support previously, or completely turn the class’s basic role on its head. The Advanced Options series is here to give you those new options.

This installment focuses on providing new domains for clerics. It presents a total of six new domains, covering a wide array of different concepts and accommodating a varied spectrum of religions and ideals. Tear down your foes with the destruction domain! Wield the might of fearsome and legendary dragons with the dragon domain! Bend fate to your whims with the luck domain! Bear secrets man was not meant to know with the madness domain. Don the mantle of divine mandate with the nobility domain! And finally, discover the magic of every note and syllable with the rhyme domain.

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