Adventurous Archetypes - Tarot Archetypes Volume I

by Necromancers of the Northwest

Necromancers of the Northwest



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Adventurous Archetypes - Tarot Archetypes Volume I

The Turn of a Friendly Card

Great adventurers deserve great options, and the most dangerous quests sometimes require the most specialized of training. The Adventurous Archetypes books each provide a handful of character archetypes tied to a specific theme, inspired by one of Paizo’s adventure paths. Although these archetypes are thematically linked to that campaign, and the topics on which it focuses, they are just as suitable for characters whose players wish to explore those themes as well, or even for GMs who are looking for inspiration and new abilities to give to monsters and NPCs.

This installment of Adventurous Archetypes focuses on the power of the tarot, a deck of cards commonly used for divination. While tarot in the real world is just for fun, in fantasy settings, such means of divination can potentially grant great insight, and of all the tarot cards, the Major Arcana are the most evocative in the imagination, drawing on the power of archetypes such as The Magician, The Lovers, and Death. Now your character has a chance to harness the power of these archetypes, taking on their strengths and talents. This book presents archetypes for two such tarot cards: The Fool, whose luck and sincerity somehow always see him through the dangers his naiveté gets him into, and The Magician, the master of magic and illusion, whose deceptive misdirection allows her to constantly outwit her foes.