Affordable Arcana - Magic Tattoos

by Publishing Publishing



Tags: BONUS Fantasy Feats Magic Magic Items Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition Spells

Affordable Arcana - Magic Tattoos

The design requirements for this Pathfinder Roleplaying Game product were “Create rules and feats that will enable the use of magic tattoos that cost under 1,000 gp" and Andrew has given us a host of new options.

This book includes the following new rules:

  • Rules for creating magical tattoos
  • 6 new feats (Blinding Tattoos, Manipulate Ink, Ink Shield, Ink Reaver, Subsume Tattoo, Tattoo Flare)
  • 1 new wondrous item (Tattoo Harvester)
  • 3 new spells (Inflame Ink, Suppress Tattoo, Greater Suppress Tattoo)
  • 21 new Magical Tattoos in the form of Crude Tattoos (Aphasic, Baneful Bastion, Baneful Slayer, Bodily Purity, Bonding Ink, Breadcrumbs, Cacophonous, Camelback, Capacitive Ink, Crusader's Friend, Desperation, Forceful Blade, Impaling Vines, Opaline Soul, Perilous, Primitive Arsenal, Sanguine Lash, Scarlet Soul, Voidmaw, Weregild and Yellow King)