Akhamet Campaign Setting

by First Ones Entertainment

First Ones Entertainment



Tags: 5th Edition

Akhamet Campaign Setting

For twenty five centuries, the rule of Pharaoh, the living embodiment of the Sun, brought peace, prosperity, and stability to Akhamet.

Then His high priest announced He was dying.

Inspired by the mythology of Ancient Egypt, Akhamet is a campaign setting that takes you to a place both unique and familiar.

  • The Akhameti Pantheon, headed by Pharaoh, with Anubis, Bast, Geb, Horus, but also Seth, Sobek, and Tawaret the Destroyer
  • Eight new races, including the jackal-headed Anubians, to the goat-headed Numru and the half-divine Retids: the children of Pharaoh!
  • A world where the dead rise, and not just because of mummification!
  • New backgrounds including Pharaoh’s Wife, or the Order of Lost Prince where you learned from the ancient mummies, or the architect planning and building massive pyramids!
  • New feats, spells, magic items
  • 16 new monsters, you can include into your campaign with short encounters featuring the creatures.

A sandstorm is coming for 5th edition.