Book of Beasts: Monsters of the Forbidden Woods (PF2e)

by Jon Brazer Enterprises

Jon Brazer Enterprises



Tags: Fantasy Monsters/Enemies Pathfinder 2e

Book of Beasts: Monsters of the Forbidden Woods (PF2e)

Danger and Death Awaits in the Forbidden Woods

Deep in the heart of the Forbidden Woods lies a group of monsters too terrifying for most to face. Animals of enormous size, creatures part spider and bear, terrifying crocodile beavers, and things much, much worse. Only the bravest heroes dare to stand up to these foul abominations of murderous intent and save the people from a fate far worse than death.

Monsters of the Forbidden Woods is an exciting new supplement of monsters in Jon Brazer Enterprises’ best-selling Book of Beasts series and is our first for the Pathfinder Second Edition Roleplaying Game. These monsters are designed to frighten characters and leave your players recounting their tales of heroism time and again. Inside this volume, you’ll find:

  • 22 new monsters, ranging from levels –1 to 10
  • Items found in the monsters’ lairs, giving you ready ideas for a treasure horde
  • In-game descriptions of each monster, ranging from random NPC quotes to colloquial names given to the monster by nearby locals
  • Adventure hooks for using these monsters in unique and exciting ways
  • Battle suggestions with descriptions on how best to build an encounter

Face What Goes Bump in the Night.