Caneis: Blazing Arms





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Caneis: Blazing Arms

Caneis: Blazing Arms

The Armsmith constructs his elaborate weapons with whirring gears and blazing pistons. Most forge them in workshops; the Scrap-savant hammers them together from the wreckage of the battlefield. The Inheritors have pulled them from the lost tombs of beings far taller, giants of industry and stature, both who have passed from this earth. In their hands is a finely crafted machine to surmount or smash their obstacles - and many obstacles there are, be they beast or fellow man.

The Bladechanter wields a weapon which is no longer of his earth, suffused with a living story that craves to be written. Fiercely idealistic by their nature, these magical arms incarnate in mortal form to do the bidding of their masters, craving immortality in word, deed and truth. Those who seek the burning questions of the ages rather than the blaze of battle are called Chantcasters, their weapons perfect, ageless mentors.

Warriors of stranger disciplines still exist; the Besieger, who courts the strength of war-wizards without the burden of books and incantations, and the Clockwork Commando, who balances the might of his body and blade on a razor’s edge.

Player, Game Master, these seven disciplines are your weapons today. Careful, as they are double-edged.

This product includes:

  • 2 new base classes (the Armsmith and Bladechanter)
  • 3 new archetypes (Inheritor, Scrap-Savant, and Chantcaster)
  • 2 new prestige classes (Besieger and Clockwork Commando)
  • full-color illustrations
  • …and much more!

Fully compatible with the Pathfinder system and the official Pathfinder campaign setting or Caneis settings