Class Expansions - Achievement Unlocked!

by Interjection Games

Interjection Games



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Class Expansions - Achievement Unlocked!

Sometimes, all you need to have fun with a class for another few months is a few new ideas to tinker around with. Class Expansions is a series of lightweight supplements for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game that takes a base class and offers alternative class features that, handily enough, each fit on one page or less.

Following in this vein, Class Expansions - Achievement Unlocked! introduces 40 new achievement feats, including a subset of six feats that are compatible with the new Ultimate Campaign downtime system!

Sample Feats

Felineus Interruptus - Whenever a creature with the pounce ability charges you, it provokes an attack of opportunity from you.

Snake Oil Salesman - Once per day, you can offer an ally a flask of ordinary water. If you successfully Bluff, the water grants the ally temporary hit points.

Thick-skinned - Reduce bleed damage dealt to you by 1.

Triple Threat - Whenever you cast a spell, you get +1 to hit and damage for 1 round. Whenever you deal damage with a martial weapon, you can cast a cantrip or orison as an immediate action.