Cruel Evolution

by Skortched Urf' Studios

Skortched Urf' Studios



Tags: d20/OGL Modern

Cruel Evolution

This product contains Explicit Content

"They call it Black Fry-Day without the first clue what really happened. Good Friday of 2012,the year the Mayans said the machines and the animals would all rise up against mankind. That's the day the world died."

Cruel Evolution is the first release for the Slaughterhouse Earth setting from Chris Filed and Otherverse Games. Presented here are a host of Post-Apocalyptic Mutations, new Player Species, new Feats, new Spells and a sourcebook dripping with flavor as it recounts the horrors of the aftermath of "Black Fry-Day" and the new world inhabited by the few survivors left to see it.

The Earth died on "Black Fry-Day, and the survivors went to war in the ashes. A new world demands a new generation of warrior; magic and rage and desperation and undying hope have all conspired to breed a new era of heroism. Welcome to Slaughterhouse Earth.

This gritty, violent D20 Modern/OGL setting is intended for mature, adult gamers due to the subject matter.