Destinations: Cantinas and More

by Tabletop Adventures

Tabletop Adventures



Tags: Future GM Tools sci-fi

Destinations: Cantinas and More

Not everyone in the universe is cut out for fine dining and a five-star rating. "Cantinas and More" supplies a choice of eating establishments to whet your characters' appetites. Pick a venue to match your current campaign needs and pull up a chair for some quality food. Better yet, come for the atmosphere and a few juicy rumors. Complete with interior and exterior descriptions, plot hooks and character sketches, these haunts are for you.

The Destinations series by Tabletop Adventures is your gateway to the universe, bringing you flexible, creative, stat-free settings that you can use to bring life and adventure to virtually any futuristic game system.

"Cantinas and More" includes: "The Blast-Off Bar" a slightly shady location with good liquor and decent food, though the ambience leaves something to be desired; "The Pilots' Lounge" a restricted-entry club with a wide range of services and contacts for these important personnel; "Smith's Restaurant" a busy local eatery serving food fast and also providing news and gossip; and a roving food cart handled by two women, neither of whom is quite what they seem. Authors K. H. Keeler and Darren ‘Wolf' Pearce have provided read-aloud text to describe various areas of the businesses and each establishment (except for the food cart) has a diagram.

Let Tabletop Adventures supply you with Destinations for all your Future travel needs!

The download file includes the fully bookmarked color PDF and a text version of the file for easy printing or use by people who prefer to adjust the text size.

Written by K. H. Keeler and Darren ‘Wolf' Pearce; illustrated by Gillian Pearce. 22 pages

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