Eternity Realms

by Solace Games

Solace Games



Tags: Adventure (High-Level) d100 Fantasy Maps/Battlemaps

Eternity Realms

Eternity Realms

Eternity Realms is a game based on a realm that connects to every world imaginable. It sits at a magical epicenter where all kinds of people and monsters converge. There are great realms of wonder and realms of dread. Majestic forests, snowy mountains and dreaded undead deserts and demon haunted lands all make up the Eternity Realm.

Although based off another popular d100 system, Eternity Realms offers new rules that help make it more cinematic. Increased hit points, which grow with Resilience skill increases, natural armour points, increasing Combat Actions with Combat Style increases along with tons of new spells, ley line rules, new spirits as well as a whole new area of magic called Nature Magic where druids draw magic from nature around them to fuel their spells.

There is lots of new stuff to discover in this complete role-playing game, be sure to check it out today!