Faerie Campaigns (5E)

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Faerie Campaigns (5E)

Wild Wonder and Whimsy

Faerie Campaigns is an incredible GM and player resource for the 5th Edition of the world's most famous roleplaying game, bringing you a wealth of character options, spells, magic items, adventures, and a wealth of rules for bringing the weirdling ways of the fey into your campaign with passion, mystery, and of course a bargain or two! Within these pages you'll find:

  • Over 40 fantastic fey-influenced events and fey warping of the world with a whole system of rumors, ripples, and ruptures from mischievous leaves and haunting melody to the waking feyscape and last charge of the lost, plus rules for creating your own fey events.
  • A detailed system for bargaining with the fey, including nearly 40 sample bargains from frozen heart and soul graft to rhymer's truth and hallows of rulership, alongside rules for obtaining fey bargains as rewards, hidden conditions, escape clauses, and rules to make your own bargains!
  • An awesome array of over 80 character options, including archetypes like the jester bard, hunt domain, unicorn charger ranger, fey sorcerous origins, thorny blast warlock invocation, feats like Fairy Blessing and True Love's Kiss, and dozens of spells from steal voice to dream dalliance. 
  • 90 incredible fey and forest magic items from the feyfrost brush to the cauldron of autumnal bounty, including fey-bargained treasures and rules for fantastic fey herbalism.
  • A collection of 10 mystical realms perfect for fey and forest campaigns, plus dozens of sample characters to meet and a full party of 8 richly detailed NPCs with advancement notes to use as allies, rivals, friends, or even lovers!
  • Three complete fey-themed standalone adventures, including a fairy celebration gone awry in Into the Feyweald (1st level), a haunting tale of love, loss, and pain when mortal and immortal love clashes in Cold Mountain (4th level), and a deadly dangerous chase to rescue a unicorn across the bounds of reality in Horns of the Hunted (6th level). 

Faerie Campaigns is the perfect addition to any wilderness campaign or anywhere the fey have left their touch on the world, and a perfect companion for the Faerie Bestiary, which brings you nearly 240 incredible creatures from the Fey Realms both seelie and unseelie alike. This incredible monstrous compendium contains monsters from Challenge levels from 0 to 30 and nearly every creature type, plus appendices on fey-touched beasts and dreamscapes! Enrich your DnD 5E campaign with this incredible 224-page campaign accessory today and Make Your Game Legendary! 

PDF available now, print books available for preorder!