Fantastic Maps - Iconic Island

by Rite Publishing

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Fantastic Maps - Iconic Island

Fantastic Maps presents:

Iconic Island

Jonathan Roberts, cartographer for George R. R. Martin's Lands of Ice and Fire, and The Breaking of Forstor Nagar, presents a new kind of Fantastic Map: "Iconic Island"

The iconic island pack includes a collection of images sized at 5100px by 3300px, allowing for 17" by 11" at 300dpi. The map is provided in three versions:

  • totally bare - just the terrain and nothing else
  • with icons - a collection of locations are marked, but their significance is left up to you
  • with icons and hex grid - the grid allows for easier distance measurements. The hex scale was loosely chosen to be around 6 miles a hex, but feel free to set it to whatever works best for you. This version is also provided in printer friendly light greyscale.


16 icons are provided as .pngs with transparent backgrounds, to give you the ability to customize the island you require for your own adventures.