Game Masters Soundpack: Sci-Fi: Future Ads

by Toxic Bag Productions, Inc.

Toxic Bag Productions, Inc.



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Game Masters Soundpack: Sci-Fi: Future Ads

In whatever far-flung future your players may inhabit, there’s one thing they’re sure to encounter: Advertising. Whether you’re looking for background flavor sounds, or want to construct some narrative based on an ad (is there a hidden message encoded within the Protean Protein commercial?*), these futuristic commercials will put extra sparkle into your game nights and give your adventures a fresh, clean feeling! Now how much would you pay? But wait, there’s more…

Ads include:

  • Colony Ad (3 versions): This ad, promoting emigration to colonies on habitable moons within the solar system or on extrasolar planets, plays from a passing dirigible in a congested future city. Years later, after a tremendous apocalypse, a severely degraded version of this same ad is found playing from a ruined billboard.
  • Sabertronics: Ad for a line of completely lifelike companion androids.
  • Kepler Collectible Coin: There are always companies who make money by exploiting a horrific tragedy such as a military attack on a civilian target.
  • Razgon Recollection: Long-form infomercial for a series of holographic programs about the Great Razgon War. In Infinite Definition!
  • Rocket Pod Race: An ad for a Rocket Pod race. Nitro-burning Funny Cars at the US30 dragstrip ain’t got NOTHIN’ on plasma-burning rocket pods!
  • Planetary Defense Corps- Find Your Victory/The True Enemy: An over-the-top dramatic recruitment ad for the Planetary Defense Corps.
  • Protean Protein: With all of the world’s animals either extinct or unsafe for human consumption, the food industry has developed products that help people get the nutrition they need. Labricultural Consumables has introduced Protean Protein, a meal bar based on protein models from five different animals, with a rotating molecular structure that purportedly resists bacterial and viral contamination. But since the Global Food Supply Safety and Satiety Council was eradicated fifty years ago, there’s no one watching to make sure lab-grown foods don’t cause horrific side effects…
  • DeLeo-Kaga SuspendLife™ Comfort You Don’t Notice: Ad for suspended animation chambers, aimed at interstellar business travelers who have had less-than stellar experiences with long space flights.

* The Galactic Communications Commission has banned subliminal, encoded or otherwise implanted messages in advertising.

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