Gilded Suns: Empires of Honor

by Golden Celestial Games

Golden Celestial Games



Tags: GM Tools Modern Pathfinder 1e

Gilded Suns: Empires of Honor

Empires of honor. Empires of beauty. Empires of intrigue. Empires of war.

Explore the land of Wa Xing, an aging empire trapped by its own isolation. Immerse yourself in the intrigues of the great civil war wracking Taiyo No Niwa, a land shattered by rebellious samurai and a proud emperor. Adventure in the flying cities of Balam Pipeul. All the while, the nations of Patriam seek to colonize and exploit these mighty empires.

This 66-page gazetteer expands the Gilded Suns Campaign Setting by describing these lands, as well as providing additional rules for mass combat.

Explore the empires of honor!