Gossamer Worlds: Brokeworld

by Rite Publishing

Rite Publishing



Tags: Diceless

Gossamer Worlds: Brokeworld

The Grand Stair stretches behind the scenes of the multiverse,

the Doors upon its unfathomably vast span leading the way to gossamer worlds of limitless variety and infinite possibility. With all those options, they can't all be nice.

Brokeworld is a dump of cosmic proportions, haunted by tragic Unmade and infested with ruinous gremlins. Choked with the pervasive influence of the Umbra, Brokeworld is a place that reminds us that in time all things will break down, and all designs, no matter how perfect, will crumble into chaos. If you go, beware; and if you make it out alive, be sure to wipe your feet.

Gossamer Worlds: Brokeworld presents one of the infinite possibilities within Lords of Gossamer and Shadow by Jason Durall, powered by Erick Wujcik's Diceless Roleplaying.