Gothic Heroes: Pregenerated Characters

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Gothic Heroes: Pregenerated Characters

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Horror Builds Character

A set of 8 rules-legal, fully fleshed out, ready to play pregenerated 1st level characters created specifically to shine in a gothic-themed Adventure Path campaign, written Neil Spicer and the Legendary Games Design Team.

Adventure Path campaigns are designed to provide heroic challenges. That means players participating in those campaigns have to create a party of PCs able to handle any situation thrown at them by Paizo's amazing stable of writers. That's where we at Legendary Games come in. Let those very same writers provide you with the characters you need to succeed, all rules-legal and fully compliant! We guarantee each character will provide you an interesting and unique roleplaying experience, because these pregens are more than just a collection of stats they are fully formed character concepts with identities and personalities created by the best in the industry. Each with amazing art by Hugo Solis!

Sample #1:

Built using Pathfinder Society-approved 20-point-buy method, with scaling notes for 15-point builds, these PCs are perfect for the recent Gothic Adventure Path or for your home campaign. Paizo products have long been as much about story as about combat, and these pregens are no different. But because of our old-school gaming pedigree, you can rest assured these PCs can handle themselves in each challenge they'll face. When its time to thrown down, none of these pregens will be stepping to the sidelines.

Sample #2:

Print these heroes out and double-dip them in the stuff adventures are made of. Each PC also includes a backstory, a trait selection from the specific campaigns Players Guide, some special equipment, links to how the character fits into the campaign, and some roleplaying tips. To top it all off, each character comes with preselected choices as they advance in the first few levels, and also include notes about their ultimate design goals so you know what you are working towards.

Sample #3:

Plenty of our products are geared for the hardworking GM, but this one is for every gamer out there. If you are a player, these PCs should provide endless opportunities for adventure. If you are a GM, you can use these pregenerated characters as NPCs or rival adventuring parties. And if you play or run Pathfinder Society adventures, with a few tweaks these PCs will work for you, too.

Download includes

  • a full color version
  • a printer-friendly version

Permission is included to photocopy and use them for your home games. As an added bonus, each file also contains a sheet of stand up miniatures for you to cut out and use for each character with Hugo Solis amazing art!

Sample #4: