Heroes Weekly, Vol 2, Issue #12, Masters of Terror

by Avalon Games

Avalon Games



Tags: Superhero

Heroes Weekly, Vol 2, Issue #12, Masters of Terror

Heroes Weekly, Vol 2, Issue #12, Maters of Terror

Each week Avalon Games offers a new issue of Heroes Weekly.

Packed full of great superhero fun, each issue will offer a short adventure, an NPC, or some game mechanics for the Heroes Wear Mask system. While compatible with the HWM system, you can always use the information presented in each issue for other superhero gamesjust monkey around with the stats and mechanics to fit the system you are using.

The Masters of Terror are an organization of highly trained terrorists-for-hire. Involved in everything from industrial sabotage to political terrorism to false flag operations, whenever the obscenely wealthy want to sew chaos and fear the Masters of Terror are there to provide that service. Unlike traditional terrorist groups who are motivated by a core ideology, the Masters of Terror are in it for the money. They will work for any individual or group who is willing to pay their fees and often play both sides of a conflict against the middle.

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