Horrors in the Night

by Solace Games

Solace Games



Tags: Horror Modern

Horrors in the Night

The darkness lives, the darkness breathes....

In the dark of night, creatures emerge from the darkest corners to hunt you and feed on your screams. Welcome to the world that is not as you know it and to the Horrors in the Night!

Welcome to the new horror rule set by Solace Games!

I first started playing the d6 system when West End Games first published their ever famous space setting going on thirty years ago and fell in love with it.

Since the rules are open content now I decided to use them in my first horror game.

I wanted to maintain the integrity of the rules so the basic rules from the d6 system are unchanged and used as they were originally printed but there is more added.

A new way of creating characters is introduced where you pick first your background, then educataion, your profession and finally any finishing bonuses. There are also a handful of new Advantages to pick from.

The spell and psionic section is much expanded using converted spells and psionics from the d20 system.

As well a detailed sanity system, after all what would a horror setting be without the chance of losing your mind?

A handful of mosters are in the back of the book as well to get you started until I can publish a horror bestiary for everyone to enjoy.

Take a look through, hopefully you'll be interested!