In The Company of Valkyries

by Rite Publishing

Rite Publishing



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In The Company of Valkyries

A Sisterhood of Warriors

In the Company of Valkyries introduces the culture of those who choose from the slain. A discussion of the origins of these immortal warriors, and a look into their traditions and rituals, provides a new option for your players who want to belong to a sacred and mysterious sisterhood.

Do you choose the Fortune Weaver archetype, pulling on the strands of fate to bend the destiny of your companions? Or do you become a Raven Feeder, furiously launching yourself into battle, drawing upon the life and blood contained in others? Perhaps you are a Saga Singer, carrying the tales of the valorous from battlefield to battlefield.

This book also includes:

  • A slew of new feats, items, and magical meads
  • The valkyrie paragon class, with more than 50 unique talents and other options to power up your character.
  • The Shield Maiden prestige class.
Onward, to Battle!