In the Company of Wights

by Rite Publishing

Rite Publishing



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In the Company of Wights

Fuel Your Undying Urge!

Come discover secrets beyond death with the hollowed. They are restless dead, wights, corporeal undead clinging to unlife through the power of a fragment of their soul knows as the Urge. Be the revenant driven by vengeance for its violent death, the devout knight who voluntarily gave its life to serve as an immortal guardian, or even the ravenous master of an undead pack that hunt the living for sport.

This new race and racial class is designed for use by player characters at every level of play of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and provides a full experience of playing as corporeal undead. Presented with the game material is

Hollowed race, with favored class bonuses

Class archetypes including the Night Strider, Pale Rider, and Void Singer

True Wight Paragon Racial Class 1st-20th level that grants you mastery of death!

New race-specific and teamwork feats for the hollowed

From the same company that brought you In The Company of Dragons comes the next book in the extraordinary Questhaven Campaign Setting. Now rise again, and sally forth!