Into The Breach: The Magus

by Publishing Publishing



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Into The Breach: The Magus

Into the Breach: The Magus

“Into the Breach” is a series intended to expand the options available to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game “Base Classes” (alchemist, cavalier, gunslinger, inquisitor, magus, oracle, summoner, and witch).

This book expands on Pathfinder’s answer to the gish: The Magus. Within this guide you’ll find 11 new archetypes, 7 new arcanas, 7 new feats, 8 new spells, and 1 new magus friendly prestige class.

New Archetypes

  • Agony Drinker
  • Arcane Artillerist
  • Arcane Hurler
  • Arcane Tactician
  • Bare-Knuckler
  • Blood Mage
  • Echo Blade
  • Lodestone Blade
  • Personifier
  • Primalist

Prestige Class

  • Ki Magus

New Arcana

  • Arcane Sunder (Su)
  • Attract Item (Su)
  • Bloody Edge (Su)
  • Clot (Su)
  • Hemorrhage (Ex)
  • Magnetic Shield (Ex)
  • Transfusion (Su)

New Spells

  • Charge Breaker
  • Primal Curse of Flames
  • Primal Curse of Ice
  • Primal Curse of Stone
  • Primal Curse of Thorns
  • Primal Curse of Wood
  • Time Shift
  • Thunder Shift

New Feats

  • Arcane Pool Strike (Combat)
  • Concentration Spell (Metamagic +2)
  • Finishing Blow (Combat)
  • Grapple Caster (Combat)
  • Metamagic Adaptability (Metamagic)
  • Reckless Spell Fortification (Combat)
  • Reflexive Caster (Combat)
  • Teleportation Stow-Away (General)
  • Teleportation Tracking (General)