Into The Breach: The Witch

by Flying Pincushion Games

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Into The Breach: The Witch

Into the Breach: The Witch

For the fourth product in our crunch focused Into the Breach line, with evil eyes ablaze, we tackle The Witch. In this newest installment of the series we look to a number of historical and fantastical sources to expand the flavor and flexibility of the witch base class. The following is just a small taste of what is inside of Into the Breach: the Witch.

Bailiwick Hermit

Due to historic persecution and superstition some witches eschew the comforts of even a thorp and instead live on the outskirts of society. The hostile lands they typically call home are a source of both power and imprisonment as the increasingly become dependent on the land they protect. Villages nearby often refer to bailiwick hermits as witches of the wood or swamp witches. Such villagers only trespass when times are dire and a desperate request to such a being is the last resort.

Bog Builder archetype

All alone on the outskirts of civilization, some witches turn to their own creations for companionship. A bog builder crafts a construct from natural materials at hand and her patron imbues it with semi-life.

Bulwark Theurgist archetype

Bulwark Theurgists devote themselves to a ward they believe serves the greater good. Be it a noble, hero, peasant, or any intelligent creature the bulwark theurgist acts as a guardian angel to their wards. These devoted protectors are particularly skilled at thwarting fell magics.

Disciple of the Bloody Hand archetype

While most witches have a familiar invested with the power of their patrons, a disciple of the bloody hand is a witch that invests her patron’s power into her own hand, granting it the ability to move on its own and channel her power.

Dweomer Weaver archetype

There is myth and wonder in the art of weaving, as cloth lets man settle where nature is harsh. The loom, spindle, and distaff are more than tools to some however; they are symbols of power and fate. Long have these secrets been known to womankind, the greatest secret being that some women may create far more than mundane cloth from their efforts.

Feybound Crone archetype

Some witches commune with entities that are known but surrounded by an air of mystery and otherworldly thoughts. The feybound crone seeks out those from the First World, the mysterious fey, as her patrons.

Foul Temptress archetype

The thrill of the hunt and the sweet taste of her victims drives the foul temptress to use her powers of seduction to abuse her natural or magically altered beauty and use it as a tool to get what she wants. The foul temptress uses soft words and beguiling suggestion to lower the defenses of her prey before striking, seeking to gain information, poison a mark, convince the weak willed to change their minds, or to end her victim’s life.

Gluttonous Crone archetype

The gluttonous crone is motivated by a single, simple emotion; hunger. Her hunger, if not satiated, drives her to insanity and so she must constantly feed or feast upon those ensnared by her wicked powers.

Marjara Bound archetype (marjara is the Sanskrit word for cat)

Among the common folk it is often spoken that a black cat crossing your path is ill luck. Many laugh at this, seeing only superstition. However this caution is not without merit, as there truly are witches for whom a black cat is not just appearance, it is power and it is sacred.

Scorned Heart archetype

Those seeking redress after being spurned travel to the forgotten places of the world to make oaths of revenge. There, dark beings of ancient power offer a pact that grants them the ability to wreak the vengeance they seek.

Voodoo Crafter archetype

Whittlings and sticky resins adorn the wrists of calloused and gnarled hands. Whittling knives, hand planers, and brushes for glues flash their presence every once in a while. Curiously familiar baubles and dolls give off an unsettling feeling as she talks to her gris-gris. Crafting and cursing are the voodoo crafter’s tools for every situation.

Sèvitè Alternate Class

The sèvitè is a worshiper of a distant, uninvolved creator god, Bondye. Bondye does not intercede on behalf of mortals so his worshipers request aid and intercession from his servant spirits, the loa. Sèvitè can be translated as “servant of the spirits.”

Heathen Prestige Class

Witches in a general sense are misunderstood. They typically have a link to the natural world through a patron of benevolent mien. The minority are truly evil, either tied to a patron of malevolent intent or choose to use their power in a way not necessarily in line with their patron. A rare few are beyond evil in a simple self-serving or hateful way; they study evil, toting tomes of forbidden ancient lore. These are called heathen, and are intentionally anathema to everything good people hold dear. They revel in bloodletting and destruction. They gain power from the sacrifice of innocents. Their souls are promised to evil patrons of the worst kind. For all this they have unmatched power.

Scarred Shaman Prestige Class

In most cultures scars are a sign of past injury and wounds. In others, the scar could be a decoration, a symbol, or a branding, carefully placed there by a shaman or artist. Some of these shaman love the art of scarification so much that they fight in the front lines of battles to magically scar their enemies, but instead of giving scars of honor they place brands of shame. Often going into a rage doing this, they are vicious to their enemies and a great help to the allies they previously placed their mark on. Those who are branded on the battlefield find the scars to be disfiguring or embarrassing, and the lucky few who survive the battle are always reminded of their cowardice.

Off of the battlefield they are masters of the art. In the tribes they can be found in scars tell much about the individual who wears them. For warriors it can tell of their victories and accomplishments. For leaders the right scars can be a symbol of wisdom and honor. Other scars show who is ready to settle down and start a family, or be brands of past crimes as a warning to merchants. For those who know how to read the scars, it is the scarred shaman that they respect and fear the most, because once they have placed a scar they have power over that individual.

New Hexes

Alter Fate, Babble, Boils, Boneless Form, Curse of Twisted Beauty, Death Sigh, Gain Council, Healing Earth, Lesser Hedge Talisman, Unnerving Vision, Wicker Ward.

New Major Hexes

Body Swap, Curse of Baleful Irony, Curse of Dust and Ashes, Heart's Desire, Hedge Talisman, Karmic Fate, Negate Scrying, Scent, Spirit Walk, Uncontrollable Retching.

New Grand Hexes

Alter the Land, Grand Hedge Talisman, Heartless, Karmic Justice, Witch Royalty

New Patrons

Karma, Savage, Royalty, Unnatural.

And seven new witch themed and friendly feats!