Jacob's Tower

by Zenith Games

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Jacob's Tower

Jacob's Tower

Jacob’s Tower is the critically acclaimed 1-13 mega-dungeon for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Regardless of your world, plot, or players, it is easily run in any campaign or as a mega-dungeon.

Jacob's Tower is an adventure for three to six 1st- through 13th-level PCs using the Pathfinder RPG rules. It is 152 pages long and meticulously play tested—that's 13 different modules for the price of one. These modules can be inserted piecemeal into a campaign or run as an mega-dungeon campaign.

The dungeon is designed to test a party’s versatility and flexibility, utilizing every skill and creature type in the book over every three Levels. It both introduces new players to the wonders of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and gives experienced players a non-traditional setting in which to test their skills.

Praise for "Jacob's Tower:"

  • "I love this dungeon. It's so cleverly put together, the levels are varied enough to remain interesting whilst still tied together enough to feel cohesive, and I'm super impressed with the seamless integration of a variety of skills into each level. It's inspired me to improve my GMing. I can't say enough good things about this dungeon." —Anonymous
  • "Honestly, you made me look good. Fun traps, ghouls, great imagery with the feral animals, a fantastic fight against Posy and a bluffed PC... and with all the DCs spelled out I ran the game like a pro. Got lots of compliments" —David
  • "I've been running this, and my players absolutely love how varied it is and how so much comes into play! I'm wondering, do you know anyone else who has made similar things? I can't get enough!" —Anonymous
  • "I finally ran this level for my players the other week! And it was amazing. ...Overall, this level was one of the best sessions I've run. Thanks for writing it!" —Anonymous
  • "This is a great dungeon! I'm coming from both running it as a GM and playing it as a player, and in both situations I've found it really fun!" —Jack John
  • "I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks / good job on writing up these adventures! ... It was an absolutely enjoyable experience for a DM. :)" —Anonymous
  • "I absolutely love Jacob's Tower, it's been amazing to run it for my players and they've been shocked at how they've been using skill checks they didn't even know existed." —ChaosWraith
  • "You only want 10 dollars for it all? You da real MVP :P" —Colin MacDonald