Legendary Bards

by Legendary Games

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Legendary Bards

All the World's a Stage!

Legendary Bards is the latest volume in our new series of player-focused supplements, this time focusing on the performing dilettante: the bard. The bard blends magic, martial prowess, and a mastery of skills to allow the character to support their party in a variety of ways both in and out of combat. Legendary Bards is designed to further build on this concept, rebalancing the class to select the performances they wish to take and specialize their character to fulfill any niche their party may need.

Using their Bardic Performances the legendary bard can select a wide variety of different abilities they can use to bolster their allies or bring despair to their foes, while their new Bardic Schools allow them to further customize themselves to better fit a variety of concepts and niches. In addition, a collection of new archetypes allow the legendary bard to further customize their strategies and techniques, such as the Scholar of Legends focusing primarily on spells or the Warrior Poet removing their ability to cast completely in exchange for greater martial prowess. Take your bard characters places they've never gone before with this incredible 46-page class expansion for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and Make Your Game Legendary!